September 18th, 2017 
JRC Newsletter No.1 (English version) has just published.

We have just published the English version of JRC Newsletter No.1. Please check about it.

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「ISSN 2433-3123」

March 31st, 2016 

International Joint Symposium on Neurocritical Care in Tokyo

We will hold a state-of-the-art International Joint Symposium on Neurocritical Care in Tokyo on November 19th-20th, 2016. This Symposium was made possible by the memorable collaboration of Japanese Association for Acute Medicine, the Japan Society of Neurological Emergency and Critical Care (JNE), and Neurocritical Care Society.

Lectures will be presented by big names and representative physicians mainly from Japan and the United States.

This Symposium is open for every physicians and Co-medical staffs who are involved in the practice of Neurocritical Care and we will welcome everybody who are interested in this field.

Main topics are as follows ;

Symposium on ”Systemic diseases and conditions requiring Neurocritical Care”

ENLS (Emergency Neurological Life Support) Seminar on Neurocritical Care during first hour after the onset

Hands-on Seminar on Physical examination in Neurocritical Care and EEG and continuous EEG Monitoring (in Japanese)



Registration fees :

Day 1 (Neurocritical Care Symposium including Hands-on Seminar)
 Free for those registrant to the 44th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Acute Medicine (JAAM)
Day 2 (ENLS Seminar) 
5000 yen for those registrant to the 44th Annual Meeting of JAAM
10000 yen for those non-registrant to the 44th Annual Meeting of JAAM 
国際脳神経救急・集中治療合同シンポジウムポスターデザイン案_160303-2 のコピー


March 23rd, 2016

The Japan Resuscitation Science Symposium (J-ReSS) 2016

The 9th Japan Resuscitation Science Symposium (J-ReSS) will be held on May 27th (Fri) 2016 at Hotel Nikko Fukuoka. We will cerebrate the 10th anniversary of RCA in this time. Please join this J-ReSS.


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March 21st, 2016

The 4th PCAS seminar with Simulation training in Japan Circulation Society meeting.

We had the 4th Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome (PCAS) seminar with Simulation training in Sendai. We had some task trainings for Q-CPR, mechanical CPR, TTM, and two scenario trainings using high fidelity patient simulators, one with PCAS care with surface Hypothermia and one with manual to mechanical CPR move on to E-CPR with TTM.


March 1st, 2016

Japan Resuscitation Council Resuscitation Guidelines 2015

We just published the Japan Resuscitation Council Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 in Japanese. We are so sorry that the JRC Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 is only in Japanese. Please check about RCA Adult BLS algorithm 2015 for lay rescuers (below) in English.

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November 9th, 2015

RCA Adult BLS algorithm 2015 for lay rescuers

Resuscitation Council of Asia : RCA released the RCA Adult BLS algorithm 2015 for lay rescuers in English. This is the first Algorithm we create as RCA, so please check about this.


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